Hertz Lyft Rental Agreement

In April, the car was removed after Berry parked overnight at a location that was blocking a store. He was taken to an airport rental spot run by Hertz, one of Lyft`s rental partners. Berry took two days to retrieve the vehicle and slept in the airport terminal overnight. After missing a few days on the road, he couldn`t reimburse Lyft for the 113-$US towing fee and the company demanded that he return the car immediately. Automatic weekly extensions are a flexible advantage in using Express Drive. We automatically extend your rent by 7 days if you meet the requirements of our rental partners, make all necessary payments each week, do all necessary maintenance, and stay in good reputation with the Express Drive program. Other benefits are that insurance is included in the price, that rideshare miles are unlimited, and you don`t have to pay for general maintenance like oil changes, brakes, tires, etc. Maintenance and depreciation are huge costs if you use your own car, so it`s nice to avoid these costs when renting, even if the costs exceed what you could pay for your own vehicle. If no rentals are available, you will have two options: you can refund your count or wait for other rentals to be available. Currently, there is no notification system to inform you if rent becomes available.

All rentals are first come first served. The only way to register every day and check availability. Long-term leases are not available with Lyft Express Drive. All rentals are weekly. To start Express Drive rentals, you must first apply to Lyft. Once you have passed the driver`s check, you can pay a reward, book a vehicle and make an appointment to visit lots in your city to pick up the rental vehicle. To Lyft.com: Log in to Lyft.com/login and consult the Vehicles section of the driver`s dashboard. Scroll down to see if Express Drive rentals are available as an option. You`ll see a section called “Use Express Drive Rental” when the option is available in your city.

This Vehicle Rental Agreement (the “Agreement”) and these Terms and Conditions of Sale will be the lease between Rideshare Car Rentals, LLC (“Platform”), Distinct Cars, LLC (Owner) and Tenant (“Tenant”), signed electronically or personally by the Renter, between the Renter and the Owner. Landlords and tenants are, in short, called “parties”. . . .