Franchise Agreement Fiber

After years of dependence on the well-established infrastructure that connects urban buildings under franchise agreements, established companies are now striving to get as much out of this dependence as possible. “A majority of council believes it`s wise to have some money in your account if things change with our agreement,” Stivers said. If the big incumbents` suppliers fear a hint of competition from a new entrant, they pull all the strings to crack down on any potential threat. One of the first lines of attack concerns the courts. Iowa City is now leasing its fiber optic to Cedar Rapids` ImOn and to stop it, Mediacom is again dealing with an old argument. It didn`t work the first time, but they do it anyway; This is another example of how cable operators are trying to hinder their competitors. only blocking can be a “gain”. If people are equally curious about public-private partnerships, they wonder if a municipality or other form of local government can require an ISP that is a private sector partner to abides by the principles of net neutrality. .

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