Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement (Coia)

8.3 Ontario is consulted and has the opportunity to contribute to selection policy, taking into account the specific objectives and unique conditions of the province, including improving economic immigration, as well as the need to maintain Canada`s national standards and resource constraints. 5.1 Canada and Ontario agree that facilitating the entry of economic migrants, temporary foreign workers and international students is an important part of canada`s and Ontario`s immigration priorities. 7.1.3 Canada undertakes, to the extent possible, to make reasonable efforts to assist Ontario in identifying potential immigrants and temporary residents in order to achieve Ontario`s objectives in its Labour Market Strategy and Level Plan, as agreed to by both Parties, subject to operational and resource restrictions, to support improved economic immigration to Ontario. This includes: The Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement (COIA) is the framework for Ontario`s immigration relations with the Canadian government. 4.2 As noted in Appendix A, prior to the consultations, Ontario may submit to Canada an annual plan for the nominal provincial program, which will be taken into account in the development of Canadian projections for Canadian immigration planning. and consult with Canada in the development of Ontario`s provincial nominal program plan, taking into account Canada`s role in national immigration policy and planning. 7.1.3 The Steering Committee shall coordinate the ongoing implementation of this Agreement. There will be two co-chairs, one by the Deputy Minister of the CIC and the other by the Deputy Minister of the MCI. It will include representatives of the MCI, national and regional offices of the CIC and, where appropriate, federal departments and provincial ministries responsible for immigration and refugee protection programs or services. 4.5 Canada will make every effort to proactively manage the implementation of the immigration program to achieve the objectives of Ontario`s provincial nominal program, when this level plan is made available to Canada by Ontario, taking into account federal priorities. 12.7.7 In accordance with the objective and objectives of this Agreement, Canada will be open and transparent with respect to immigration agreements with other provinces and territories. At Ontario`s request, Canada will negotiate amendments to this Agreement to accord similar treatment to Ontario, taking into account Ontario`s different needs and circumstances. .

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