Accra Agreement

11. Changes. The agreement may be amended by a written agreement of the parties. d. attempts to occupy new land sites and to move military forces and resources from one place to another, without the prior consent of the JMC; 4. Locations. Each Party shall indicate the location of its units, including combat equipment, and shall communicate this information in writing to the JVT within 72 hours of the signing of this Agreement. The JVT visits the sites to verify the information provided and draw the locations of the units on a map. This document is signed by all parties and is the reference document on the limits of their location. 1. In view of the recent appointment of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Liberia, the Parties call for the urgent establishment of a United Nations general mission in Liberia, which will have the means to facilitate the implementation and coordination of the political, social, economic and security assistance to be extended under this Agreement. On 11 August 2003, President Taylor ceded his presidential power to Vice-President Moïse Blah.1 2, in accordance with the provisions of the peace agreement. The transitional government provided for in this Agreement shall ensure the establishment of an effective administrative and security infrastructure to monitor and support the implementation of those safeguards in accordance with paragraph 1b of this Article.

The peace agreement included a wide range of reforms envisaged; Commit to conducting a human rights investigation by a truth commission and reviewing the security forces on human rights grounds. Nigeria`s former head of state, General Abdulsalami Abubakar, facilitated the negotiations that led to the agreement. [5] But civil society also played an important role in the discussions. Individuals representing interreligious organizations, human rights, democracy, women`s rights and women`s rights were admitted as official delegates and many others participated informally as observers. Women have been particularly vocal in these peace talks. Every day, between 150 and 200 refugee-oriented activists came to the hotel where the talks were being held to try to stop the monrovia shooting and the violence in their country. [6] These women were organized by the Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace.. .

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