Minnesota Epoxy Floor

At Minnesota Epoxy Floor, we know how to treat our customers and their property. We are professionals. We treat you and your property with respect. Coating a floor is a large investment and we are committed to helping you maintain its value.

Epoxy floor coating in Minnesota has it challenges. With the significant temperature swings and salt in the winter our floors take a lot of abuse.

We understand this and therefore will not try to sell you on a one product for all situations solution.

We take each floor and provide the best floor coating solution based on its current state and your budget. We offer many different products for the many different situations we run into.

You are here because you are considering having your floor coated. Somehow, we needed to “sell” you on our services through this web site. Unfortunately, there are somethings web sites can’t convey and those are honesty, integrity, Christian values and old-fashioned work ethic.

We are these things and hope to get a chance to prove it to you.

Here is our direct number – 952-913-5198.
Call us or wander around the site a bit – but do call.


Minnesota Epoxy Floor